Who Wants a Baby?
Who Wants a Baby?
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Who Wants a Baby?

An unexpected pregnancy catches couple Tong Tim Yee and Ip Chi Ting off guard. They depend on their mothers for baby-sitting, but conflict ensues when the in-laws’ parenting skills are poles apart. The emotionally wrought and physically challenging experience of caring for their baby girl 24/7 leaves them no other choice but to hire an experienced confinement nanny, Wong Kai Miu, to help them. Because of the baby’s arrival, Tim Yee bid farewell to her career in fashion, while Chi Ting must stay away from his nightly pastimes. In order to make more time for her daughter, Tim Yee makes a career change and takes over a postnatal care agency. With Kai Miu’s help, she comes into contact with many clients and caregivers, giving her a new understanding of being a mother.

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