When I See You Again
When I See You Again
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When I See You Again

Hsia Youqian is the total package. He's good-looking, a highly successful head of a private equity company and well-liked by everyone around him. Youqian prizes first impressions, as his keen observational skills enable him to make keen assessments about people, but this spells trouble when he reunites with An Xi, who nearly caused Youqian's death 10 years ago. Can Youqian overlook his biases and give An Xi a well-deserved second shot?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original他看她的第2眼
Onde Assistir

Jasper Liu como: Hsia Youqian

Jasper Liu

Hsia Youqian
Mandy Wei como: An Hsi

Mandy Wei

An Hsi
Jet Chao como: Hu Yanze

Jet Chao

Hu Yanze
Ivy Shao como: Hu Yongqing

Ivy Shao

Hu Yongqing