Untitled Thundermans Return spin-off
Untitled Thundermans Return spin-off
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Untitled Thundermans Return spin-off

Twins Phoebe and Max Thunderman embark on a mission to alleviate the threat in the seaside town of Secret Shores, as well as helping Chloe develop her superhero abilities by bringing her along on their undercover mission. Chloe forms a bond with two classmates while they investigate suspicious activity coming from the local school, who don’t realize their new friend has secret powers. As the danger increases, the Thunderman trio must stay in town indefinitely, leaving the squabbling twins in charge of raising their younger sister.

Detalhes do Filme
SituaçãoEm produção
Titúlo OriginalUntitled Thundermans Return spin-off
Onde Assistir

Kira Kosarin como: Phoebe Thunderman

Kira Kosarin

Phoebe Thunderman
Jack Griffo como: Max Thunderman

Jack Griffo

Max Thunderman
Maya Le Clark como: Chloe Thunderman

Maya Le Clark

Chloe Thunderman