Tokyo Love Cinema
Tokyo Love Cinema
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Tokyo Love Cinema

Masaki Takasugi worked at a department store before starting COCOMO, a small film distribution company. Now the owner of his own company, Masaki travels around the world in search of outstanding films that are yet to be discovered. Not so long ago, one film that Masaki purchased and distributed became a mega hit, but that was where his luck ran out. Now, his company is suffering from financial difficulties, and will probably go under in less than a year. For Masaki, nothing is more important than work. So when it comes to the question of marriage, his answer is, "it can wait."

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original東京ラブ・シネマ
Onde Assistir

Naomi Zaizen como: Haruko Uzuki

Naomi Zaizen

Haruko Uzuki
Sousuke Takaoka como: Shinobu Shinohara

Sousuke Takaoka

Shinobu Shinohara
Miho Shiraishi como: Mako Sonoda

Miho Shiraishi

Mako Sonoda
Misaki Itō como: Mizuki Sakamoto

Misaki Itō

Mizuki Sakamoto
Miyoko Asada como: Teruko Sakai

Miyoko Asada

Teruko Sakai