The Prince
The Prince
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The Prince

Royal AF.

In this biting animated satire, seven-year-old Prince George – youngest heir to the British throne – spills all the royal “tea” on Buckingham Palace’s residents and staff.

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Titúlo OriginalThe Prince
Onde Assistir

Gary Janetti como: Prince George (voice)

Gary Janetti

Prince George (voice)
Orlando Bloom como: Prince Harry (voice)

Orlando Bloom

Prince Harry (voice)
Dola Rashad como: Meghan Markle (voice)

Dola Rashad

Meghan Markle (voice)
Lucy Punch como: Kate Middleton (voice)

Lucy Punch

Kate Middleton (voice)
Tom Hollander como: Prince Philip / Prince Charles (voice)

Tom Hollander

Prince Philip / Prince Charles (voice)