The Power Source
The Power Source
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The Power Source

With the support of provincial leaders, Lushan Heavy Industry abandoned its financial plan and invited industry expert Wei Cheng to join the team. The series of technological innovations carried out by Wei Cheng catches the young industrial workers, represented by welder Jin Yanzi, by surprise. They not only have to learn new skills such as programming, they also have to "face off" with the digital R&D team under Wei Cheng's leadership. Wei Cheng is disheartened upon learning that Lushan Heavy Industry had used the funds he raised to purchase production equipment for social security payments instead. From constant conflicts to an adjustment period, from the initial rejection to acceptance, Wei Cheng is influenced by the unyielding enthusiasm of the workers. With everyone working together, they finally develop a core technology to achieve success in smart manufacturing.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original麓山之歌
Onde Assistir

Yang Shuo como: Wei Cheng / 卫丞

Yang Shuo

Wei Cheng / 卫丞
Hou Yong como: Fang Rui Zhou / 方锐舟

Hou Yong

Fang Rui Zhou / 方锐舟
Jiao Junyan como: Jin Yan Zi / 金燕子

Jiao Junyan

Jin Yan Zi / 金燕子
Ying Er como: Fang Fei / 方霏

Ying Er

Fang Fei / 方霏
Xia Dejun como: Dong Meng Shi / 董孟实

Xia Dejun

Dong Meng Shi / 董孟实