The King of Romance
The King of Romance
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The King of Romance

Gao Bing Bing is a modern woman who deeply believed in reincarnation and often imagines herself as one the reincarnated heroine from the "Love Eternal" stories. Her encounter with two guys from her past challenge her belief of "destined true love."

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original如朕親臨
Onde Assistir

Lego Lee como: Wang Nuo

Lego Lee

Wang Nuo
Serena Fang como: Shen Yi Le

Serena Fang

Shen Yi Le
Yu Han Lien como: Gao Bing Bing

Yu Han Lien

Gao Bing Bing
Gabriel Lan como: Li Ru Long

Gabriel Lan

Li Ru Long
Peace Yang como: Wang Min

Peace Yang

Wang Min