The King of Legend
The King of Legend
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The King of Legend

The King of Legend is a 2010 South Korean historic drama based on King Geunchogo of Baekje. Besides than the historic info obtained from Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa, it was also inspired by a novel written by Lee Munyeol, a renowned Korean writer. The drama was aired on KBS 1TV in Korea, and internationally through KBS World.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original근초고왕
Onde Assistir

Kam Woo-sung como: Prince Buyeo Gu

Kam Woo-sung

Prince Buyeo Gu
Kim Ji-soo como: Buyeo Hwa

Kim Ji-soo

Buyeo Hwa
Lee Se-eun como: Wi Hongran

Lee Se-eun

Wi Hongran
Lee Jong-won como: King Sayu

Lee Jong-won

King Sayu