The Great Ambition
The Great Ambition
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The Great Ambition

Si-Young (Han Jae-Seok) is the first son of Park Hee-Chan and knows the truth about why his father insisted that he must take over the family business. He is a cold-hearted businessman who often uses dirty business tactics. As he takes over the day-to-day operations of the guild, he grows into a strong leader. But Jae-Young (Jang Hyuk), his younger brother, becomes his own man and does not follow his older brothers business style.

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Titúlo Original대망
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Jang Hyuk como: Park Jae-Young

Jang Hyuk

Park Jae-Young
Lee Yo-won como: Yoon Yeo-Jin

Lee Yo-won

Yoon Yeo-Jin
Han Jae-suk como: Park Shi-Young

Han Jae-suk

Park Shi-Young
Son Ye-jin como: Choi Dong-Hee

Son Ye-jin

Choi Dong-Hee