The Good Life
The Good Life
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The Good Life

Story of a family of five who realize the real meaning of family after going through a series of arguments. Lao Zeng (Liu Wei) suddenly fainted at a community basketball game leaving a seemingly harmonious family in a state of conflict. The eldest daughter, Zeng Zhiting (Wang Ou), is a chief surgeon. She has been too busy for so long with no time for family. The second child, Zeng Zhidong (Sun Yizhou), is the director of the most luxurious hotel in the city. Growing up in a special family has left him with emotional baggage. The third child, Zeng Zhixiang (Dai Xu), left home early to open a car repair shop. He is the most rational one in the family, but he has to hide his relationship with Xiang Jie (Xu Fanxi). Zeng Zhiling (Chen Yanqian), the youngest who most resembles Lao Zeng, is still as reckless as ever even after her dad's accident.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original生活万岁
Onde Assistir

Liu Wei como: Zeng Jian Guo / 曾建国

Liu Wei

Zeng Jian Guo / 曾建国
Wang Ou como: Zeng zi Ting / 曾志婷

Wang Ou

Zeng zi Ting / 曾志婷
Sun Yizhou como: Zeng Zi Dong / 曾志东

Sun Yizhou

Zeng Zi Dong / 曾志东
Dai Xu como: Zeng Zi Xiang / 曾志翔

Dai Xu

Zeng Zi Xiang / 曾志翔
Chen Ya An como: Zeng Zi Ling

Chen Ya An

Zeng Zi Ling