The Four
The Four
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The Four

The Four is the story of four young men – Cold Blood, Chaser, Heartless, and Iron Fist – who each excel in different martial arts practices and use their expertise to bring down corruption and establish justice.~~ Based on the wuxia series by Wen Ruian.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original少年四大名捕
Onde Assistir

Mao Zijun como: Tie Shou / Iron Hand

Mao Zijun

Tie Shou / Iron Hand
杨洋 como: Wu Qing / Ruthless


Wu Qing / Ruthless
William Chan Wai-Ting como: Zhui Ming / Chaser

William Chan Wai-Ting

Zhui Ming / Chaser
Zhang Han como: Leng Xue / Cold Blood

Zhang Han

Leng Xue / Cold Blood
張鈞甯 como: Chu Li Mo


Chu Li Mo