The Big Easy
The Big Easy
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The Big Easy

He's the hot cop. She's the cool D.A. When they get together, New Orleans sizzles.

The Big Easy television series was inspired by the film of the same name from 1987. The show premiered on the USA Cable Network August 11, 1996. Tony Crane played New Orleans police lieutenant/detective Remy McSwain, Susan Walters played state district attorney Anne Osbourne and Barry Corbin played police chief C.D. LeBlanc. Daniel Petrie Jr. was the executive producer of the series. 35 episodes were broadcast over two seasons. The series takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana and was shot on location.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Big Easy
Onde Assistir

Tony Crane como: Remy McSwain

Tony Crane

Remy McSwain
Barry Corbin como: C.D. LeBlanc

Barry Corbin

C.D. LeBlanc
Eric George como: Smiley Dupree

Eric George

Smiley Dupree
Susan Walters como: Anne Osborne

Susan Walters

Anne Osborne
Leslie Bibb como: Janine Rebbenack

Leslie Bibb

Janine Rebbenack