The Arbitrator
The Arbitrator
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The Arbitrator

The series tells the story of Nadav Feldman , a young social worker , who discovers that he is adopted and finds himself in the depths of his biological father's family, Baruch Asulin, a leader of an organized crime syndicate in Israel known as "Ha-Borer"(The Arbitrator), due to his activities as an arbitrator in disputes in the underworld. The series focuses on the combination of dramatic stretches , the conflict between the norms of society including crime, especially norms and codes of conduct of the underworld. Among other highlights of the series, in a satirical way, the contrast between certain behaviors of some of the heroes of the series (as a demonstration of piety) and other behaviors (such as the blatant disregard for human life).

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Originalהבורר
Onde Assistir

Moshe Ivgy como: Baruch Asulin

Moshe Ivgy

Baruch Asulin
Yehuda Levi como: Nadav Feldman

Yehuda Levi

Nadav Feldman
Shlomi Koriat como: Avi Asulin

Shlomi Koriat

Avi Asulin