Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
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Sticks and Stones

After badly bungling a pitch meeting, middle manager Thomas Benson is determined to win back the client but feels undermined by his team. Is someone really out to get him? And can Bartlett create the same paranoid intensity from workplace bullying as he did with a betrayal in the home?

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Titúlo OriginalSticks and Stones
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Ken Nwosu como: Thomas Benson

Ken Nwosu

Thomas Benson
Ben Miller como: Chris Carter

Ben Miller

Chris Carter
Susannah Fielding como: Isobel Jones

Susannah Fielding

Isobel Jones
Alexandra Roach como: Jess Benson

Alexandra Roach

Jess Benson
Gwilym Lee como: Mark Baxter

Gwilym Lee

Mark Baxter