Sons & Daughters
Sons & Daughters
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Sons & Daughters

Family is always unpredictable, so why write a family comedy when you can live dangerously and improvise instead? Like real families, you never know what will happen when you give characters total freedom. Adult siblings Cameron, Sharon and Jenna have many years of shared history in this small town. Like every other family on the planet, their history includes many mistakes. This is proven by the multiple marriages and many children in their close extended clan.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalSons & Daughters
Onde Assistir

Fred Goss como: Cameron Walker

Fred Goss

Cameron Walker
Gillian Vigman como: Liz Walker

Gillian Vigman

Liz Walker
Jerry Lambert como: Don Fenton

Jerry Lambert

Don Fenton
Alison Quinn como: Sharon Fenton

Alison Quinn

Sharon Fenton