Scrubs: Interns
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Scrubs: Interns

Scrubs: Interns is a webisode series from ABC based on the comedy-drama series Scrubs in its eighth season, which originally aired on; each episode would premiere the day a new Scrubs episode aired on TV. The webisodes originally premiered between January 1, 2009 and April 8, 2009, with two additional episodes being released on the season eight DVD and Blu-ray set. The webisodes featured four interns in their first year at Sacred Heart Hospital – Katie Collins, Denise "Jo" Mahoney, Howie Gelder and Sonja "Sunny" Dey, who "directs" the series as a video diary project. Ed Dhandapani is mentioned in passing but only appears in the final webisode. Each of the main cast members of Scrubs appears in at least one webisode. Two recurring cast members, Ted and The Todd, also make appearances. Some of the episodes relate directly to the main series. For example, "Screw You with Ted and the Gooch" consists largely of an unabridged scene from "My Lawyer's in Love."

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