Rojo y miel
Rojo y miel
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Rojo y miel

The love story of Claudia Bernhardt and Rodrigo Carvajal, they come from different worlds: she was a young university student, used to urban lifestyle and he was in charge of his father's ranch. Their romance is at stake when another man offers Claudia the stability she needs. The honey of the city will clash with the red passion of the countryside.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalRojo y miel
Onde Assistir

Ángela Contreras como: Claudia Bernhardt

Ángela Contreras

Claudia Bernhardt
Bastián Bodenhöfer como: Rodrigo Carvajal

Bastián Bodenhöfer

Rodrigo Carvajal
Felipe Camiroaga como: Javier Escudero

Felipe Camiroaga

Javier Escudero
Edgardo Bruna como: Fernando Bernhardt

Edgardo Bruna

Fernando Bernhardt
Maricarmen Arrigorriaga como: Bernardita Arancibia

Maricarmen Arrigorriaga

Bernardita Arancibia