Robson Arms
Robson Arms
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Robson Arms

Robson Arms follows the lives of the tenants in a once-grand low-rise in Vancouver's eclectic West End. The building is home to an unlikely collection of characters who live under one roof, yet occupy different worlds. One thing is certain, you'll never see your neighbours the same way again.

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Titúlo OriginalRobson Arms
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Dave Foley como: Chuck Hoskins

Dave Foley

Chuck Hoskins
John Cassini como: Yuri Kukoc

John Cassini

Yuri Kukoc
Gabrielle Miller como: Bobbi Briggs

Gabrielle Miller

Bobbi Briggs
Fred Ewanuick como: Nick Papathanasiou

Fred Ewanuick

Nick Papathanasiou
Alisen Down como: Sault Ste. Marie

Alisen Down

Sault Ste. Marie