Painted Lady
Painted Lady
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Painted Lady

Painted Lady was a 1997 murder mystery mini series starring Helen Mirren, involving art theft. It costarred Franco Nero and Iain Glen, and was directed by Julian Jarrold. The role was created specifically for Mirren, as a means for her to try something a bit different from her Inspector Tennison character on the popular Prime Suspect series. The series was a collaborative effort of Granada Television and PBS. It was broadcast in the US PBS's Masterpiece Theatre in December 1997.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalPainted Lady
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Helen Mirren como: Maggie Sheridan

Helen Mirren

Maggie Sheridan
Iain Glen como: Sebastian Stafford

Iain Glen

Sebastian Stafford
Franco Nero como: Robert Tassi

Franco Nero

Robert Tassi
Michael Maloney como: Oliver Peel

Michael Maloney

Oliver Peel
Lesley Manville como: Susie Peel

Lesley Manville

Susie Peel