My Himalayan Embrace
My Himalayan Embrace
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My Himalayan Embrace

Santharakat, son of Rachisa, is a handsome headstrong Indian billionaire, fleeing the hunt of the mafia group from the Himalayas to hide in Chiang Mai. Santharakat meets Danika, the owner of a restaurant at Chiang Mai. Santharathat tries to win her heart, knowing that Danika likes to watch the stars. But Danika likes Khiri, a waiter, who has a difficult life because of his drunken mother. Kiri tries to do anything to push himself up to compete with Santharakat, and ends up working illegally with Sikarin, Danica’s stepfather. Until he made his way into the rich and fought Santharakat in every way.

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Titúlo Originalฟากฟ้าคีรีดาว
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