Moonflower Murders
Moonflower Murders
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Moonflower Murders

Susan has left publishing and is living in Crete with her long-time boyfriend, Andreas. But her idyll is disturbed by the shadow of a murder committed at a British country hotel eight years ago. Alan Conway visited the hotel and wrote a novel based on what happened there. Cecily Treherne, the young woman who helps run the hotel, read the book and believed the wrong man had been arrested. Now she has disappeared. Can Susan uncover the secret hidden in the book and find Cecily before it is too late?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalMoonflower Murders
Onde Assistir

Lesley Manville como: Susan Ryeland

Lesley Manville

Susan Ryeland
Tim McMullan como: Atticus Pünd

Tim McMullan

Atticus Pünd
Alexandros Logothetis como: Andreas Pataki

Alexandros Logothetis

Andreas Pataki
Daniel Mays como: Locke / Chubb

Daniel Mays

Locke / Chubb
Claire Rushbrook como: Katie Williams

Claire Rushbrook

Katie Williams