Mirr Murr a kandúr
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Mirr Murr a kandúr

We can follow the fairytale heroes of István Csukás, Mirr-Murr and Oriza Triznyák, the two curious stray cats on their adventurous journeys. The story of the puppet film begins with Kiscsacsi (whose name is Samu according to the original history of the book) getting to know the wardrobe, the bed, the chair, the chandelier and of course Mirr-Mur. Together they fly, play a naval battle, read a book, or just make friends with Paprikajancs, Bóbice, and Csinnadrata, the lead soldier with whom they discover the poultry farm. Mirr-murr accidentally left the others and ends up in Ödön Slukk's coat pocket. He manages to get out and then befriends Oriza Triznya. The two stray cats stand various rehearsals, help Pál Ploma or join a company called Pintyőke Circus World Number. Further stories will emerge from the series and books.

Detalhes da Série
Titúlo Original Mirr Murr a kandúr
Temporadas 4
Episódios 52
Situação Finalizada
Onde Assistir