Malice Aforethought
Malice Aforethought
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Malice Aforethought

Falling in love with this Doctor could be bad for your health.

Malice Aforethought is a 2005 ITV drama based on Anthony Berkeley Cox’s 1931 novel of the same name, made by Granada Television. There was an earlier BBC television adaptation of this novel in 1979. Dr. Edmund Bickleigh is married to a particularly overbearing woman who reminds him at every turn that he is living in her house. But the good doctor has outside interests to help him cope.

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Titúlo OriginalMalice Aforethought
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Ronnie Masterson como: Miss Janet Wapworthy

Ronnie Masterson

Miss Janet Wapworthy
Phyllis Ryan como: Miss Adele Peavey

Phyllis Ryan

Miss Adele Peavey
Barbara Flynn como: Julia Bickleigh

Barbara Flynn

Julia Bickleigh
Ben Miller como: Dr. Edmund Bickleigh

Ben Miller

Dr. Edmund Bickleigh