Love Destiny 2
Love Destiny 2
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Love Destiny 2

Picking up after Karaket's story in 17th century Ayutthaya, life moves on, weaving a tapestry of present day reality. 21st century Phutthan uncovers an ancient manuscript and is transported back in time where she clashes with and falls for Rit—Karaket’s son. Finally, revealing why she is destined to repeat a weary journey from one living to the next, over and over. Can their love break the vicious karmic cycle?

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Titúlo Originalพรหมลิขิต
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Ranee Campen como: Phuttan | Ketsurang | Karaket

Ranee Campen

Phuttan | Ketsurang | Karaket
Thanawat Wattanaputi como: Rit | Dech | Rueang

Thanawat Wattanaputi

Rit | Dech | Rueang
Warintorn Panhakarn como: Phet / King Thaisa

Warintorn Panhakarn

Phet / King Thaisa
Denkhun Ngamnet como: Prince Phon

Denkhun Ngamnet

Prince Phon
Thakrit Tawanpong como: Thongkham / Phraya Rajanukul

Thakrit Tawanpong

Thongkham / Phraya Rajanukul