Love Cuisine
Love Cuisine
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Love Cuisine

Things get hot in the kitchen when Oscar Han (Lego Lee), a lively young chef, starts mixing up trouble under the nose of disciplined Chef Fang Xiao Rou (Allison Lin). But as these complete opposites struggle to create mesmerizing meals, they eventually discover that cooking with gas requires more than technical skills and bravado. In fact, romance just may be the secret ingredient Oscar and Xiao Rou have been searching for all along.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original料理高校生
Onde Assistir

Allison Lin como: Fang Xiao Rou

Allison Lin

Fang Xiao Rou
Duncan Lai como: Wen Zhen Yu

Duncan Lai

Wen Zhen Yu
Nita Xia como: Jiang Pei Ying

Nita Xia

Jiang Pei Ying
Lego Lee como: Han Jie

Lego Lee

Han Jie
Paul Hsu como: Raymond

Paul Hsu