Love At Seventeen
Love At Seventeen
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Love At Seventeen

If you had a second chance to correct the biggest mistake of your life, would you take it? Alice (Nikki Hsieh) is a cold, 30-year-old woman who lives her dull life like a robot programmed to do the same things everyday. But her boring life changes when she wakes up one day to discover that she has returned to her 17-year-old self! Back in high school on the day of an important swim meet for her best friend, Shu Lei (Amanda Chou), Alice literally runs into the moody He Hao Yi (Lego Li), who has just transferred to her school. Hao Yi mistakes Alice for his long-separated twin sister, and because of a grudge against her and his mom, Hao Yi decides to torment Alice at every turn. Meanwhile, Han Ming (Edison Wang) is a nerdy student who has long harbored a secret crush on Shu Lei. After a few mishaps, Hao Yi realizes that Alice is not his sister, but will Alice take this opportunity for her to correct her biggest mistake with her first love and change her own future destiny?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original我和我的十七歲
Onde Assistir

Lego Lee como: He Hao Yi

Lego Lee

He Hao Yi
Nikki Hsieh como: Ai Li Si

Nikki Hsieh

Ai Li Si
Edison Wang como: Song Han Ming

Edison Wang

Song Han Ming
Amanda Chou como: Bai Su Lei

Amanda Chou

Bai Su Lei
Alina Cheng como: Liu Xiao Fen

Alina Cheng

Liu Xiao Fen