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A six-part series about German MP Eva Blumenthal, who is the victim of a conspiracy and has to resign from her seat.

Bundestag member Eva Blumenthal is forced to resign due to political intrigue. Because of this, he changes jobs; she is hired by a lobbying agency. The more he proves his innocence, the more he deviates from his own morals. It must prove that there is an even more complex network of manipulation and corruption behind the intrigues. Her former lover, Economy Minister Bertram Kaiser, is found dead in the Spree River. It is unclear whether he was killed or committed suicide. is his death connected to a conspiracy?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalLobbyistin
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Rosalie Thomass como: Eva Blumenthal

Rosalie Thomass

Eva Blumenthal
Bernhard Schir como: Wolfgang Zielert

Bernhard Schir

Wolfgang Zielert
René Geisler como: Gustav Hahn

René Geisler

Gustav Hahn
Daniel Aichinger como: Holger Thomas

Daniel Aichinger

Holger Thomas