Land of Wealth
Land of Wealth
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Land of Wealth

CHAI PAK-TSUN (CHAN HO, MOSES) is a descendant of a once-renowned political family. After his next of kin are framed and executed, he, the only one spared from the calamity, struggles to live on and is picked to become the apprentice of KIU PUN-YIP (KEUNG TAI WAI), the owner of Ting Fung Shing, the biggest money shop in Shanxi. There he meets a non-Han Chinese beauty PA PA HAR YEE KO WAH (KWOK, SONIJA). He falls for the girl but is just too timid to express his love. YIP’s second daughter KIU TSUN (YEUNG YI, TAVIA) is in love with CHEUNG SHUNG-MAN (MA CHUN WAI, STEVEN), the son of the Minister of Military Affairs. But their relationship has become strained since MAN is called in to investigate the affairs of Ting Fung Shing...

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Titúlo Original匯通天下
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