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Enzo, a school art teacher, is the pillar of a rather unusual family. He takes care of his 5-year-old daughter but does not know who her mother is, and he also lives with his four siblings whose fathers are all different. Enzo's daughter suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, so he throws himself into managing her diet to alleviate her condition. He is so determined to raise the little daughter well, he doesn't appear to have any spare time for a girlfriend. And yet Enzo finds himself drawn to Misuzu, a health teacher at his school. A light-hearted and romantic story of a man trying to find love and learn to be a father at the same time.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Originalホットマン
Onde Assistir

Akiko Yada como: Misuzu Kaneko

Akiko Yada

Misuzu Kaneko
Manami Konishi como: Shima Furiya

Manami Konishi

Shima Furiya
Miho Shiraishi como: Ayame Otsuki

Miho Shiraishi

Ayame Otsuki
Erika Sawajiri como: Satsuki Akikawa

Erika Sawajiri

Satsuki Akikawa