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Graduados (English: The Graduates) concerns a group of people who graduated from high school in 1989 and reunite twenty years later. The main character, Andrés Goddzer (Daniel Hendler), discovers that María Laura Falsini (Nancy Dupláa) was pregnant in 1989 and married Pablo Catáneo (Luciano Cáceres), who thought that he was the child's father. The resulting parental dispute, the love triangle of the main characters and 1980s nostalgia are frequent plot elements, and story arcs related to school bullying and LGBT rights are also featured. The frequent flashbacks of the characters to their high-school days use the same actors, playing teenagers.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalGraduados
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Nancy Dupláa como: María Laura 'Loli' Falsini

Nancy Dupláa

María Laura 'Loli' Falsini
Daniel Hendler como: Andrés Elías 'Andy' Goddzer

Daniel Hendler

Andrés Elías 'Andy' Goddzer
Luciano Cáceres como: Pablo 'Bon Jovi' Catáneo

Luciano Cáceres

Pablo 'Bon Jovi' Catáneo
Julieta Ortega como: Verónica 'Vero' Diorio

Julieta Ortega

Verónica 'Vero' Diorio
Isabel Macedo como: Jimena Benítez / Patricia 'Pato' Longo

Isabel Macedo

Jimena Benítez / Patricia 'Pato' Longo