Golden Bride
Golden Bride
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Golden Bride

A half korean and half Vietnamese girl marries a korean man for $1,500 in order to come to Korea to search for her real father who abandon her and her mother as her mother was gradually going blind due to an accident.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original황금신부
Onde Assistir

Lee Young-ah como: Nguyen Jin Joo

Lee Young-ah

Nguyen Jin Joo
Choi Yeo-jin como: Ok Ji Young

Choi Yeo-jin

Ok Ji Young
Kim Hee-chul como: Kim Young Soo

Kim Hee-chul

Kim Young Soo
Hong Eun-hee como: Kang Won-mi

Hong Eun-hee

Kang Won-mi
Kim Mi-sook como: Jung Han Sook (Jun Woo's mother)

Kim Mi-sook

Jung Han Sook (Jun Woo's mother)