Gilded Chopsticks
Gilded Chopsticks
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Gilded Chopsticks

Ko Tin Bo had been an experienced eater since youth, he knows everything about food and the taste as soon as it goes into his mouth. Unfortunately due to a family crisis he and his loyal follower Lee Wai were forced to wander the streets and made a living off selling buns. Because of food, Tin Bo met a female street entertainer Gei Mo Suet, the Capital's most beautiful woman Lin Yeuk Bik and female chef Mai Siu Yue. It is also because of fate that he encountered the Fourth Royal Prince Yan Chan who discovered his talent and recommended him to the palace to work as a palace chef. In the palace, Tin Bo meets his old enemy Choi Hok Ting and set off a series of battles in the kitchen. Tin Bo also didn't know he was getting himself involved in the Eighth Royal Prince Yan Yik's evil plot.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original食為奴
Onde Assistir

Stephanie Ho como: 米小鱼

Stephanie Ho

Wong Cho-lam como: 高天宝

Wong Cho-lam

Ben Wong como: 胤禛, 四皇子

Ben Wong

胤禛, 四皇子
Nancy Wu como: 年若碧

Nancy Wu