Ghetto Justice II
Ghetto Justice II
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Ghetto Justice II

After getting released from jail, Law Lik-ah wants to start anew, so he partners up with his comrade Kris Wong Sze-fu to fight against injustice. Lik-ah and Kris soon become the heroes of Sham Shui Po but their personalities conflict and they constantly disagree with each other. In the meantime, they have offended the wealthy property developer by handling a building collapse case and Lik-ah's life is in danger. Will they be able to find justice for the disadvantaged citizens in Sham Shui Po?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original怒火街頭II
Onde Assistir

Kevin Cheng como: Law Lik-ah

Kevin Cheng

Law Lik-ah
Myolie Wu como: Kris Wong Sze-fu

Myolie Wu

Kris Wong Sze-fu
Raymond Cho Wing-Lim como: Leung Pau-shing

Raymond Cho Wing-Lim

Leung Pau-shing
JJ Jia como: Chin Sum-sum

JJ Jia

Chin Sum-sum
Sam Lee como: Ting Ka-fu

Sam Lee

Ting Ka-fu