Die Stadt und die Macht
Die Stadt und die Macht
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Die Stadt und die Macht

Staged by Friedemann Fromm, this new prime time serial with main actors Anna Loos, Thomas Thieme and Burghart Klaußner is an emotional family drama, exciting political thriller and genre picture of the German capital in one sweep. The action’s central character is lawyer Susanne Kröhmer. While planning her private future with her partner, she gets the chance of becoming a candidate for the position of mayor of Berlin and prepares for competing with the city’s powerful ones. During this phase, however, she gets into conflict with her own father’s political interests, him being the leader of the conservative party.When finding out about some deceptive business practice with mayor-in-office Degenhardt, she feels urged to start on a journey back into her own past to find out truth. Alex, a journalist and good friend of hers from youth times, supports her in her confrontation with her past and her father’s criminal offences. One prime result during her search is, that transparency and honesty are hard to keep up within the political arena she is about to step into.

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Titúlo OriginalDie Stadt und die Macht
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Anna Loos como: Susanne Kröhmer

Anna Loos

Susanne Kröhmer
Burghart Klaußner como: Manfred Degenhardt

Burghart Klaußner

Manfred Degenhardt
Thomas Thieme como: Karl-Heinz Kröhmer

Thomas Thieme

Karl-Heinz Kröhmer
Stephan Kampwirth como: Maik Burmeister

Stephan Kampwirth

Maik Burmeister
Jürgen Heinrich como: Frank Griebnitz

Jürgen Heinrich

Frank Griebnitz