Das Kriminalmuseum
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Das Kriminalmuseum

Das Kriminalmuseum was a German television series. It ran from 1963 to 1970 on ZDF and was one of its first programs. Each episode began with a tracking shot through an unspecified crime museum, stopping at one of the displays, whose story was then told. Each episode was between 60 and 75 minutes long and featured different actors as the criminal commissioner. The best known was Erik Ode, who in 1969 moved to Der Kommissar, appearing in 97 episodes. The theme music of the series was written by German composer Martin Böttcher, who also composed the complete scores for five episodes.

Detalhes da Série
Titúlo Original Das Kriminalmuseum
Temporadas 7
Episódios 41
Situação Finalizada
Onde Assistir