Dangerous Sister
Dangerous Sister
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Dangerous Sister

Ito Misaki stars as the number-one cabaret/hostess club girl. Hailing from the Miyazaki countryside, she has been told since her youth that all she has is a beautiful face. Her brilliant younger brother (played by Moriyama Mirai) who aims to become a doctor, is her only pride. For his sake, she is willing to put up with all sorts of hardships in a display of unconditional love.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original危険なアネキ
Onde Assistir

Misaki Itō como: Hiroko Minagawa

Misaki Itō

Hiroko Minagawa
Mirai Moriyama como: Yutaro Minagawa

Mirai Moriyama

Yutaro Minagawa
Yumiko Shaku como: Saori Kitamura

Yumiko Shaku

Saori Kitamura
Mari Hamada como: Koharu Noguchi

Mari Hamada

Koharu Noguchi
Yuta Hiraoka como: Takumi Nakamura

Yuta Hiraoka

Takumi Nakamura