Cosmetology High
Cosmetology High
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Cosmetology High

Produced by Yu Zheng studios, the story tells of He Lan Jun a talented doctor, who one day discovers that his son was fathered by his steward, upon stumbling onto the information in despair he heads to the streets. Su Lian Yi an owner of a brothel who brazenly has a crush on him, takes him in at his worst.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original美人制造
Onde Assistir

Jin Shijia como: He Lanjun

Jin Shijia

He Lanjun
Yang Rong como: Su Lianyi

Yang Rong

Su Lianyi
Sheren Tang como: Empress Wu Zetian

Sheren Tang

Empress Wu Zetian
Kristy Yang como: Queen of Chu

Kristy Yang

Queen of Chu
Yuan Shanshan como: Princess Yongning

Yuan Shanshan

Princess Yongning