Coming Home
Coming Home
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Coming Home

Alone and without her parents, Judith Dunbar spends her school days in a boarding school. When her friend Loveday invites her to Gut Nancherrow one day, it is love at first sight for Judith. The elegant lady of the house Diana, her husband Colonel Cary-Lewis and Loveday's siblings Edward and Athena immediately fall in love with her and treat her like family. But the outbreak of the Second World War put an end to the idyll on Nancherrow overnight. A long, thorny road lies ahead of Judith until she finally finds happiness in a family of her own...

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalComing Home
Onde Assistir

Emily Mortimer como: Judith Dunbar

Emily Mortimer

Judith Dunbar
Peter O'Toole como: Colonel Edgar Carey-Lewis

Peter O'Toole

Colonel Edgar Carey-Lewis
Malcolm Stoddard como: Bob Somerville

Malcolm Stoddard

Bob Somerville
Paul Bettany como: Edward Carey-Lewis

Paul Bettany

Edward Carey-Lewis