Codename: Annika
Codename: Annika
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Codename: Annika

Finnish art fraud investigator, Emma, goes undercover to infiltrate an auction house in Stockholm to investigate the firm’s connection to a notorious money launderer known as Blanko. To go undetected, Emma chooses the cover identity Annika, a hot-headed socialite who lives for wild parties, drugs and alcohol and is the opposite of the cool, calm, and collected Emma. By adopting this wild persona, doors begin to open to the hidden world of high-class art fraud. However, becoming Annika means Emma must confront memories from her past that she has tried to forget.

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Titúlo OriginalKoodinimi: Annika
Onde Assistir

Sannah Nedergård como: Emma Haka, Annika Stormare

Sannah Nedergård

Emma Haka, Annika Stormare
Ardalan Esmaili como: Rasmus Ståhlgren

Ardalan Esmaili

Rasmus Ståhlgren
Eva Melander como: Rina Olander

Eva Melander

Rina Olander
Helena Bergström como: Agatha Torstensson

Helena Bergström

Agatha Torstensson
Pekka Strang como: Raimo Korpi

Pekka Strang

Raimo Korpi