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Buitenhof is a Dutch political interview programme produced by the NPS, VARA and VPRO Netherlands Public Broadcasting and broadcast on Nederland 1 on Sunday mornings. The first edition of Buitenhof aired on 7 September 1997, when it succeeded the interview programme Het Capitool. The programme takes its name from the Binnenhof, The Hague, which includes a place Buitenhof. Buitenhof is highly influential, and is regularly visited by the nation's top politicians, policy makers, representatives of the trade unions and employers' federation, and opinion makers. The format also includes a column item, presented as of 2009 by Désanne van Brederode, Max Pam and Jos de Beus. Former columnists include Ronald Plasterk, Paul Cliteur, Joshua Livestro and Herman Philipse. Peter van Ingen, Jeroen Smit and Clairy Polak are the programme's alternating presenters. Buitenhof itself made news in 2000, when visiting Vlaams Belang politician Filip Dewinter was smeared with chocolate, on camera, by anti-fascism activists. The programme is also broadcast each Sunday on the international television station BVN.

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