Brother's Keeper
Brother's Keeper
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Brother's Keeper

A story about two brothers of the same mother but different fathers. "Sam" Kiu Tin-seng and Lo Wai-son separate after growing up together. Over the course of twenty years, with major historical events occurring in the background of their lives, the two brothers face different moral life struggles while living in Hong Kong and Macau.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original巨輪
Onde Assistir

Ruco Chan como: Kiu Tin-seng (Sam)

Ruco Chan

Kiu Tin-seng (Sam)
Edwin Siu como: Lo Wai-son

Edwin Siu

Lo Wai-son
Linda Chung como: Rachel Cheuk

Linda Chung

Rachel Cheuk
Kristal Tin como: Yiu Man-ying

Kristal Tin

Yiu Man-ying