Beauty 7
Beauty 7
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Beauty 7

In its heyday 10 years ago, a once bright, promising, and full of spirit beauty salon now finds itself in decline. The floor manager, son of the founder of the shop, is tending to a shop losing customers and money hand over fist, and very listless employees. With collapse imminent, the primary investor in the shop sends in a “specialist” to help turn things around, which she promises to do so within 3 months. So how does a beauty salon rebound? What is the secret to connecting with women to get them to visit the salon again? That’s simple to do when you know that a woman with an emotional complex is a woman that wants to be beautiful.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Originalビューティ7
Onde Assistir

Misaki Itō como: Natsuki Ueno

Misaki Itō

Natsuki Ueno
Takashi Fujii como: Kaoru Koganei

Takashi Fujii

Kaoru Koganei
Yuko Nakazawa como: Miyako Miyazaki

Yuko Nakazawa

Miyako Miyazaki
Takako Uehara como: Akari Machida

Takako Uehara

Akari Machida