Beautiful Secret
Beautiful Secret
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Beautiful Secret

Twenty years ago, singer Wang Xuan spent all her savings trying to treat the illness of her daughter, but to no avail. In the end, she had to give her up for adoption, while hiding the truth from the world. Jiang Mei Li was adopted by Jiang Wei Guo and his wife, and suffers from amnesia after contracting a high fever. Unable to find her daughter, Wang Xuan decided to put all her love into her step daughter Xu Rou Lin. Twenty years later, Ruo Lin enters a singing competition to win back her ex-boyfriends, producer Guan Yi. While coming out to support her sister Jiang Mei Yan, Jiang Mei Li ends up being a competitor in the same competition. During the course of the competition, complicated relationships between love interests and family occur.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original美丽的秘密
Onde Assistir

Victoria Song como: Jiang Mei Li / RouRou

Victoria Song

Jiang Mei Li / RouRou
Peter Ho como: Guan Yi

Peter Ho

Guan Yi
Xian Zi como: Xu Ruo Lin

Xian Zi

Xu Ruo Lin
Shawn Wei como: Chen Wei Feng

Shawn Wei

Chen Wei Feng
Ivy Shao como: Jiang Mei Yan

Ivy Shao

Jiang Mei Yan