Be with You
Be with You
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Be with You

Legend has it that there are many Jiang Hu forces hidden in Mu Yun City. Meng San Xi, a martial arts master, is investigating the case of a friend who was murdered by an assassin organization allegedly based out in the city. At Mu Yun City, Meng San Xi meets three other people who share the same mission as him. But to continue their investigation, they need money. So, they opened a convenience store to make a living and also to fund their investigation.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original我有一个朋友
Onde Assistir

Xie Xingyang como: Meng San Xi/梦三息

Xie Xingyang

Meng San Xi/梦三息
Mengdi Su como: Ye Wu Zhi/叶五枝

Mengdi Su

Ye Wu Zhi/叶五枝
王翰闻 como: Yan Si Fang/岩四方


Yan Si Fang/岩四方
Yuetong Pan como: Ji Mingzhao/纪明昭

Yuetong Pan

Ji Mingzhao/纪明昭
Zhao Ziqi como: Ying Bai Chi/应百尺

Zhao Ziqi

Ying Bai Chi/应百尺