Battle of the Gridiron Stars
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Battle of the Gridiron Stars

Battle of the Gridiron Stars is a television show that airs on ESPN. It pits teams of National Football League players, one from the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, against each other in various athletic events. The program, which takes its inspiration from the likes of Battle of the Network Stars and The Superstars, is produced by IMG, the world's leading sports management firm. The show takes place at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Each team is coached by a former NFL quarterback: Archie Manning coaches the National team, and Ken Stabler coaches the American team. Battle began in the spring of 2005 as ESPN sought replacement programming for the National Hockey League, which was in the midst of a lockout that would cost the league its entire season. Because of good ratings, and also in light of ESPN losing the NHL rights to OLN, the series was renewed in 2006. Due to licensing restrictions, no actual team names or game highlights are used on the program.

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