Au Revoir Shanghai
Au Revoir Shanghai
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Au Revoir Shanghai

The story takes place in the 1930s. NIP CHUN (MIU KIU WAI), one of the most influential gang leaders in Shanghai for the past twenty years, decides to step down after the sudden death of his wife. He earns his living by selling Shanghai steamed buns, and to make it up to HO SHUI-SAU (HEUNG HOI LAN, ANNE), he hires the lady as his helper. His withdrawal from gang activities has deeply disappointed SHEK SAI-KAU (WONG CHUNG CHAK, BOSCO), who is an ardent follower of him. CHUN was determined not to get involved with any criminal activities. But when he finds out that WU TAI-TSUEN, a buddy from his gang, may have something to do with his wife’s death, and when he sees how his former gang mates are mysteriously killed one by one...

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Titúlo Original上海傳奇
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