A Recipe for the Heart
A Recipe for the Heart
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A Recipe for the Heart

A heartwarming drama about two chefs competing for the coveted title of “Master of All Chefs”, “A Recipe for the Heart” is a delightful combination of gracefully concocted food and great comedy. Shek (Chun Pui) was the chef as well as the owner of the restaurant Delicious Garden. He disappeared after defeating by his good friend Shan (Bobby Au-Yeung) in a cooking contest, leaving behind his wife Yuen (Lydia Shum) and his daughter So So (Esther Kwan). Shan then disguised as Kut to help the two women and inspired So to be a good chef. The two became an odd couple but admired each other. Their relationships got complicated when Song (Jessica Hester Hsuan) claimed to be Kut’s fiancee... .

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Titúlo Original美味天王
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