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1775 was a 1992 pilot episode for a CBS situation comedy, similar in style to the BBC situation comedy Blackadder. Set in colonial Philadelphia during the run-up to the American Revolution, the series was to follow the exploits of innkeeper Jeremy Proctor and his family. The series was not picked up by CBS. A similar idea for a situation comedy was mentioned by Andrew Alexander in a commentary track for SCTV.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original1775
Onde Assistir

Ryan O'Neal como: Jeremy Proctor

Ryan O'Neal

Jeremy Proctor
Jeffrey Tambor como: Governor Massengill

Jeffrey Tambor

Governor Massengill
Danielle Harris como: Abby Proctor

Danielle Harris

Abby Proctor
Adam West como: George Washington

Adam West

George Washington
Lesley-Anne Down como: Annabelle Proctor

Lesley-Anne Down

Annabelle Proctor