Walking to the Waterline
Walking to the Waterline
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Walking to the Waterline

Once a successful television sitcom star, Francis McGowan is now a struggling actor who returns to his family home on the Jersey Shore to sell it following his father's death. While there, he interacts with his agent Michael Woods, his childhood friend Duane Hopwood, and tour guide Lucy Bammer, with whom he drifts into a casual affair while his wife and children wait for him to return home.

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Titúlo OriginalWalking to the Waterline
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Hallie Foote como: Lucy Bammer

Hallie Foote

Lucy Bammer
Matt Mulhern como: Francis McGowan

Matt Mulhern

Francis McGowan
Kara Silver como: TV Newscaster

Kara Silver

TV Newscaster
Neil Rattigan como: TV Weatherman

Neil Rattigan

TV Weatherman
Ron Parady como: Admiral Winston

Ron Parady

Admiral Winston