Violation of Trust
Violation of Trust
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Violation of Trust

A brutal crime. A dead classmate. A missing killer.

Single mother Susan Essex admirably picks up the pieces after the split from her husband Matthew, and she can depend upon her daughter Justine for support. When Justine learns that her friend Vicky has been spending time with her own boyfriend, Ryan, Justine confronts Vicky and a fight erupts. Sprawling into the woods behind Justine's house, the fight escalates further and Vicky winds up dead. Justine and her best friend Ashley make a pact to keep the mistake a secret, but will she be able to keep her mother convinced that she wasn't involved?

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Titúlo OriginalViolation of Trust
Onde Assistir

Katey Sagal como: Susan McNamara Essex

Katey Sagal

Susan McNamara Essex
Jameson Parker como: Eric Riley

Jameson Parker

Eric Riley
Robert Picardo como: Dr. Raymond Gilmore

Robert Picardo

Dr. Raymond Gilmore
Alan Rachins como: Matthew Essex

Alan Rachins

Matthew Essex
Amy Moore Davis como: Ashley Padford

Amy Moore Davis

Ashley Padford